quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2024

Some Sort Of Test

That is the kind of weakness you will find in people who follow "friends", who think it's cool, when asked by them, to answer how many thousands have you already slept with. The malignant system out there links promiscuity with sexuality, and there's no unambitious fool who doesn't buy its lie. The guy probably knew beforehand she kept that secret in her phone, because he knew he was talking to someone who only wanted to know if he had a fancy car to go out with him. And it's always time for them to try some "thing" new, except to look for some Truth.

There is a whole world of limited "women" out there, who happily stay within its boundaries. So David could never accept their offer, because he knew it was not only about replacing Elise for another, but swapping Justice for Lawlessness, Righteousness for wickedness in the first place. You know what I mean... the "sea of deep blue".

Here is a little extended video, showing when she goes back to "innocence". After the embarrassment, was she convinced to go get Her and really clean her mind and heart?