sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2024

Don't "Change" To Please Them

What's your reaction to a happy fool trying to "communicate" with you? Do you show no "fear" and confront, or do you try to be a "friend"? Almost two years ago I read "things" that definitely bothered me, and I decided I wouldn't stay quiet. Because letting the Word out is liberating; by doing that, if you don't make a friend, you're only going to lose a "friend" that would always be there for you to turn you off, to "help" you transition from Light to darkness so that there could be "communion" between you. For putting that brave disposition into practice, God honored me with an open door to go deeper Out of the system and deeper Into the Kingdom.

I admit it wasn't easy, it was one of those situations in my adventure where my mind gets at the edge and, for a moment, I "regret" what I did and think it was best if I had stayed put, not trying to discover any dark secret. I spent one month depressed after knowing many disturbing negative facts connected to those "things" that bothered me, that were being kept hidden from me for ages. But as soon as I recover and see more clearly that the pain was never real, I hear the voice of my strenghtened true self in my head saying, "I would have done it all again". It happens every Time, so I've learned to focus not on it, since I already know the Future.

By the Way, if you followed my instructions choosing the Marina Freeway, you may have seen where you have to inevitably cruise. But you've got no "reason" to worry, given that his "power" doesn't affect the Thing.