quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2024

Burning Heart

The world is getting so bizarre... There is a chance that at first the idea on his mind might have been to test her appetite for "luxury", and he himself got confused with the direction the conversation was taking, not knowing what she was talking about. I mean, who would expect someone, in the first minute of a first date, skipping the first place they were planning to go to know each other and allowing herself to talk about the second place a man and a woman go to know each other? And with four other guys whom she has already "known" before?

The normalization of promiscuous intimacy is scary. People are treating intercourse like a videogame; someone invites you to his or her house, and you go there and play. Obviously, they believe they are improving skills by doing that. However, when you are on the enemy's side, he's the only teacher you'll ever find there, and the devil only knows about "sex", the perversion of the real thing. As they think they are knowing any new thing, they're actually only going deeper down the hole, getting closer to hell and knowing the "feeling" typical of demons.

If you don't seek the Just daily, your heart will soon be burning with the strange fire of iniquity. Because no one stays sitting on the fence for long, without deciding upon Greatness. And "fear" will only keep you on the same side where every Godless individual is having "fun", that is, "religion" and repression only help to make the temptation stronger, never you. It's like struggling to disobey the devil without fighting to get Out of his control; he always wins. Only a career in the Company can save you from being a part of this Heartless world.

Do you want ONE guy?

Let's be a threesome.