sábado, 13 de abril de 2024

A Pretty Word Is Hard To Find

You know, there is a girl out there who is insecure. She posts pictures of herself and then she removes them; sometimes she brings them back and deletes again. I think she is really good looking, and her voice is one of the most gorgeous I have ever heard. Even if you don't follow her, by now you probably already know who I'm talking about. The words of her fans seem to be not enough, and indeed they're not. Because no matter how talented and good looking you are, what you can experience in this world will never compare to the connection with Truth and who you really are. So, I see a sign of election in her behavior. That's why I watch over her closely and really care about her.

On this Road I'm a signs follower... only them are able to change positions in my heart and set my number one among the ones, never the comparison the Godless world makes. I'm used to plot twists, I've seen it happening a couple times. Because His will depends on two people feeling inspired by the same Thing to be done. And if I look upon other weird coincidences as the work of Chance, what He was trying to do might have failed some other times. It's no secret theologically my signs first represent my relationship with the Teacher; it's Miyagi and then Ali. So, the real tragedy is to end up alone, not "alone". The biggest mistake one can commit is to believe someone else can nourish his or her soul without the Word.

Stay safe.