domingo, 7 de abril de 2024

Bad And Mad Jesus

When I look at my mind and see all the Defense I was able to build against the wicked and their control, I realize how important it was to believe not in the "love" and "peace" Jesus. When He tells you to love enemies, He's just telling you to take not into consideration the state of ignorance of the mind, because all formerly were enemies, disconnected from Her, until they've gotten into Her. But that doesn't mean all can leave that state; some people are not lovable. It's true, everyone who ends up in hell is hated by God from the beginning, even before coming into being. Paul talked about this in that chapter where he mentions the Rock of Offence.

If that shocks you, making you think that maybe God could be unrighteous, you have to bear in mind people's personality. An individual who kills a cat on a live stream, and puts its body in the blender, "smiling" and "laughing" to the camera, may certainly not just have a psychiatric condition, a malfunctioning brain. And "religion" can be rather attractive to those kind of negative people, since they can use it to justify their frustrations, believing that when they're looking at their ego they're seeing God. Those 9/11 terrorists, for example, believed they were killing people God hated, not realizing they were the scum predestined to hell.

Some people don't know what they do; some don't know and don't want to know anything. The Potter himself made the vessel not to be filled up with Wisdom.

Taste my madness and try to repent.

If you can't, you'll know the wrath He has in store for you is much more severe than mine.