segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2024

Looking For The Difference

Once upon a Time, I was at a baptist church's youth camp. After a preaching about chastity, some guys gathered "together" in the same bedroom I was started to discuss how that was not possible, that the pastor was ignoring a "truth" they already knew well, that "sex" with each girl was "different".

So, that's how promiscuity is born in the heart. And you know what? "Religion" is about keeping the body, not the Word that, in turn, keeps your mind and body safe. If you're not really spending your Time to get Her, "chastity" could be only a vanity, a false belief that you're going to be happier than the rest of the world because you're not letting anyone use your body outside of "marriage". That's not how God blesses His children. And you could end up convinced that those guys know "better" than you, struggling to keep your "self" from cheating on your wife or husband because of "fear". Like I said, if that's your case, you should know that you've built or are about to build your house on, within a territory where the devil always wins.

I prefer to be in the Relationship, in Motion.

Seek First to be together at Last.