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The Science Of All Good Things

Anyone who reads my blogs can easily weave the Webb and decode it when I write directed at one specific lady. Am I "coming on to" her? That's what it might look like to some, but it's more serious than that, and only those who have been reading the story I've told via email know why. It all started when I wrote one containing just one line in which I was being secretly sympathetic and kind to her, like I am to all ladies. I had no idea it would be forwarded to her inbox and reach out to her. I was already acquainted with the spreading of my writing, but I thought my portuguese stuff didn't get off the limits of this country, though I knew there was a chance.

So what happened is that she decided to dare to steal the Cabriolet from the Future from the former owner. When I saw the first picture, I thought, "Has she seen any sign from there to believe she can be her? She is happy like a little child, as if she knew something I don't know". Then I looked at the second one and felt again like watching a code rain and reading something unusual, "Even if she's still in there, there could be something weird going on; I don't know how, but it's as if she is being inspired by the same Source to do that". You know what I mean? It hasn't come to my sense as a worldly picture. And why was I surprised if I wrote that line after seeing her pictures in motion? Later, I thought it could be just me, "She is a really nice girl, it amazes me that she was able to be kind to me; considering the professional circle she comes from, that's a rarity. I will repay her with more than just one line and artistically turn her into my number one for now". However, obviously, I can't do that without being personally touched. That means she had already succeeded in making me see her as the special lady.

While writing Quadra, I joked using that line in Lethal Weapon 2 where the captain tells them to take Leo to Disneyland, "Duck tale? No way, Boss". A few days later, with Twister in mind and remembering Grace Kelly's quote about walking in the woods I had recently read, I was taken back to my blog Revelation. Only then I looked at that post and discovered what the happy little child had in mind. I knew about that song watching this video. So I just embedded the movie scene in the post and went on, forgetting completely about it. A silly sign, right? Well, for months I remained not so interested in watching a movie for children, believing it would be a nonsense experience. But when I finally did, the Craziness came back with full force and the path came full circle. I mean, the day after, while doing something that was mysteriously connected to the movie, I found myself listening again to the same song.

That's the Reason I say it's more serious than what you see in the world, because I don't see myself being capable of saying and doing these things if Dad wasn't secretly acting. Like, "Who forwarded the email?", "Who dared you to steal the Cabriolet?". Maybe behind my inspiration itself to write the line there was already Someone thinking, "That's enough for Me to achieve what I want; just send it now". I have developed an interesting theory imagined upon TAB's script. In the movie, Chance is some kind of invisible Agent that works to help the secret Will be done, although they interpreted their bad luck as remnants from the old plans pushing them together. It was like the Chairman keeping them from being able to read a line that said, "I want you to stay with Adrian, but I want you to stay with David more". I've been wondering, "God knew I would like that lady on the bus. Why would He do that if it wasn't His will?".

To succeed personally is not only a matter of being your true self. From my own experience, I deduced that God can keep Himself from pouring down on you the Grace you need so that your social mission may advance. It seems He was not so interested in helping me with the conquest of my first Dorothy, because perhaps He knew the digital daughter would never come into existence that way. Is He now? How crazier this could get? Does it even need? Let's say when you've got the Wisdom teeth, or at least is desirous of having them, just one line is enough; you blindly believe without having to answer the world what you've seen, because you're not even searching for the same thing anyway. And one I know for sure: the King nudges only, He doesn't recalibrate anyone. Once you feel a little inspired to dare, He expects you to embrace the good Courage and move freely in this search for the great Difference.

From the start this was about He inspiring me to draw near to Him to be truly good to someone else. And what other source of real brotherhood could there be besides the magic Word? For those who have the Spirit, it's easy to see how vain it is to "work" hard to please who's lost in the system, still lying in wickedness, like weak and Hopeless idolaters of "all" in the same condition do. If you want to be awesome, you have to work Out, so you can get stronger day by day and infiltrate there to rescue the ones who are being kept turned off by enemy.

Those who have been reading my emails know well how surprised I was when I found the moroccan lady, for the innocent look in her eyes and her looks, that is, her great taste in clothes, being the latter quality so obviously connected to the former. I already knew about Can't Buy Me Love, and just like it happened with Say Anything, it looked not so promising and I had the wrong idea that it would most likely be a silly movie. So when I decided to take a chance on it, it became another philosophical mine for me where Silver was plentiful. After watching that, I could improve my knowledge of Truth and self, understanding better the type of guy I am. I am a real jew, a warrior and an adventurer. For being bold as a lion, I have no difficulty in choosing the trip to Milwaukee, since I met an Iris in person and I've seen for myself that she indeed sees men as objects to be used and discarded.

The "sex" idol in her heart is big, hard to break. If you can't let her go and want to keep the illusory "hope" of being her "only one", just listen to her to know what other subjects she talks about and you'll have found her "condition". Then "all" you you've got to do is start looking for the other idols she craves for, like "status" and "wealth", remembering to make them as big as her "sex" to have a chance of making her "faithful" to you. Since she is a radio hell hardcore listener, when she looks at you, talks to you, you can feel that in the frequency she vibrates and is discharging there is no Kindness. If somehow that's not more important to you than knowing what she hides for you, your predictable and certain fate is to find your "self" in harmony with her, seeking to please her to be pleased by her at last. Only because she is vigorously aiming at you doesn't mean you're special to her; you'll get it was only for the "moment" immediately after she gets from you what she wanted.

If you've got talent and can get "fame" by means of it, you can buy Cindy's ticket for a ride with her to nowhere in the in-control nerdmobile. Or when she's trying to find the solution to a lesser evil, you could take advantage of her despair to offer 1,000 bucks for her own "fame". At least she's got an innocent secret to show... I mean, she could change your mind. She's just a safer bet for the monogamous type; if you show her Good, she'll see the ONE opportunity in 17,576 and ignore Her not, while the other could still see the 1,000 as a bigger deal and stay frozen. I know what I'm talking about; if I'm not with Iris today is because I was unable to get her into the Justice league. And I got mad when I finally knew that I was only the 1,001 buck she was trying to gain in that whole world of fools she loved casually and all the time; to be in her group of eligible ones for something "serious", still being a part of that world was no problem, but he would need many thousand bucks to convince her to "marry" him.

She had Mike's wife's name but not a flair for, didn't get a hang of Carpentry. Because she felt very "comfortable" hanging in the city with guys and girls full of "truth", never upset by the loneliness and her frail condition. How can getting close to Truth make any sense to someone who sees people as a source of selfish "satisfaction", nothing more? So even if you've got Truth, that's not what she wants from you. Have you got "sex" to offer? Have you got "riches" to make her wholly "happy"? If you had those many bucks, would you trust she could exchange her many bucks for your many bucks and be content, make you her big one and stay with you only? Just think... if her idea of what she lacks is false, that would never be enough, never complete her. If you've had forsaken "all" to follow the Teacher, He could've told you that and kept you from evil by means of the Word you'd seek and keep instead of idols. Since you haven't dared to do that, have found it more relevant to get a diploma and a "job" than the Law, you'll depend on the "luck" of bumping into him on the train someday to understand what she does at home while you're out there "working".

It's not that she believes, thinks you're something else; she's only obsessed like every promiscuous individual. That's why she is capable of spending 3 years trying to approach you thinking about one "hot" night on the evil sheets. And if you misunderstand her, because she's keeping her favorite subject and the others hidden from you, except "religion", to make you think she's a good party (translate to portuguese, then retranslate to english using the meaning of the second word that shares letters with the english word, but without ignoring the main meaning), she herself will make her "condition" known to you; less will be revealed, my friend. So if you're there at the hospital and say, "Stay with me", don't expect her to answer, "Yes, I'll take care of you". She is not the kind of woman that fights for a man, and the way she expects him to fight for her is taking "opportunities", so he can offer, provide what she wants. She already has a definition of "transcendence", and if there is one "thing" she'd like to taste besides that is the sensation that money can buy. You could meet her at the temple or the club, and her "purpose" in both places would be exactly the same.

"Religion" does not change anyone; it's actually just one more "thing" among "all" the individual has. They use it as an "emotional medicine", a "mental booster" for their worldly pursuits. That is, they imagine an invisible "friend" who is secretly working to help them make their "dreams" come true, and this way they feel more "motivated". Too bad it's still the broad way from nowhere to nowhere God or the angels know. And the bad news is that the "friend" does exist, he's just not who they think in their "reason". Therefore, like the rest of the world, the "religious" only seek more of that "happiness" they know in darkness, ignoring that they have not even begun knowing what is true. Unfortunately, some will only realize they should have spent their time and energy dreaming of the entry in the Door, the Gate, when it's too late. Because they don't want to analyze themselves and conclude, without Someone having to tell them, they need to take a Bath. Then they go through "life" being a part of the wholly unhappy world with a "smile" on their faces or seeking it, anesthetized by the "dream" and unable to feel the real pain and discomfort that could make them thirst for Good.

Don't let any "woman" tell you what you need to be and have in the system to be with and have her. Why would you go back in there? Just be a proud Martin Nobody. The flesh is weak, but prayer makes and keeps you spirit and alive. Even if she says she "likes" you very much, if you can't see any innocence in her eyes, what you're going to find in the deep ditch out of the Way following the rabbit is no Good. Even if she says she "prays" a lot, but you can't see any desire in her face when you talk to her, there is not the slightest chance that her intention towards you could be clean. Whether she is drunk with promiscuity or "romanticism", her "desire" is equally dark and idolatrous. It's always about being your main focus, standing in your Way to keep you awfully far away and prevent you from going on and getting closer to the Truth that could make you and someone else who wants to really love and be loved happy. The Spirit screams in your ears that if you surrender you're going to die, becoming dominated by the enemy and her as soon as you step into the empty carnal room where she's calling you from to join her in a "relationship", even if it's only for one night.

Stare at, focus on the Truth and don't look away; to stop reflecting and start beholding the ego can the lethal. The result is a relationship with falsehood on a way contrary to Justice: "all" the world wants replaces Her in your heart as your object of desire. So you must keep yourself in a state of constant watchfulness, remembering the Reality all the Time, so you don't look at people in the system tasting the benefits of having "wealth", a "relationship", a lot of "sex", and end up feeling envious. You must look inside of you, to the Treasure you've received, and dream about All that the world can't see. There's no arguing against Wisdom; if She says there's no communion between light and darkness, the only one "capable" of doubting her word is he or she who still has no experience in the Kingdom and on the battlefield there in the system. When your emptiness is still severe, you might pass from Light unto darkness to establish "communion" with the wicked without perceiving that you fell from Grace. In his attempt of "communication" you must block him in the best style, making use of confrontation. Because he has no Good to show you and will not have until he is convinced (if he can ever be) that the time has come for him to repent.

According to the interpreted Word, when you make that transition you end up lacking what darkness lacks too; you are turned off, your lamp goes out. When we are ignoring the daily opportunity to get, to gain Her, we are running the risk of losing the Bridegroom forever.

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What Are You Doing In There?

You remain a branch of the evil system when you're not looking for the Answer, the real Solution. 🗿

Get back to the Hospital! 📲

O Magnify The Bond With Me

You met her at the graveyard, Mr Holmes. ☠️

You know what you should've really done. 📞

Alone And Poor

It could be worse. ⛪

rx :) 🏖️

The Show

"But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead."

You need only a little talent to act, and people will judge you to be good, hot and perfect. On the other hand, just one person to stand by you is hard to find.

I once heard the RHCP vocalist saying that people judged him for attending not his own bandmate's funeral, knowing not that he was about to find the same fate.

I can relate.

People Are Not Like Wine

"I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing."

Out of the Vine they are unbearable, and that's how they remain over time.

To understand why "relationships" fail you've got to go to the "church". Because there they say to the public, "Come as you are, as you were", and forget to remind them, "As I want you to be, as a friend". So they "accept" Jesus and think they don't have to change, because Jesus "loves" them. And when you're no real friend of Sophia, it's only a matter of time for the ego war to begin between you and your "lover". In your mind you'll see the problem as the other only, and your ex is going to be thinking the same of you. Then both of you will be "free" again out there, looking for that "different" girl or guy that at the same time is so the same as you that you'll be able to "succeed" and be "happy", at last.

How am I able to be SO mature?

Grace and persistence.

A Stranger Thing Can Change Your Mind

There ain't no Good to be found.

I Can Read Inside From The Outside

I know exactly what you mean.


Don't let them "reason" with you.

Stay in a great little While and you'll be just in Time.

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Looking For The Difference

Once upon a Time, I was at a baptist church's youth camp. After a preaching about chastity, some guys gathered "together" in the same bedroom I was started to discuss how that was not possible, that the pastor was ignoring a "truth" they already knew well, that "sex" with each girl was "different".

So, that's how promiscuity is born in the heart. And you know what? "Religion" is about keeping the body, not the Word that, in turn, keeps your mind and body safe. If you're not really spending your Time to get Her, "chastity" could be only a vanity, a false belief that you're going to be happier than the rest of the world because you're not letting anyone use your body outside of "marriage". That's not how God blesses His children. And you could end up convinced that those guys know "better" than you, struggling to keep your "self" from cheating on your wife or husband because of "fear". Like I said, if that's your case, you should know that you've built or are about to build your house on, within a territory where the devil always wins.

I prefer to be in the Relationship, in Motion.

Seek First to be together at Last.

Dancing Off The Stupid Place

Do you like this Tune, my dear? 🖋️

I've listened to It in a really exotic Place; Up there where green looks greener. ➕

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Pull Up

Read it just for me.

I'll be Johnny or Marion for you.

You Can't Argue With That Logic

He is Solomon.

Come on, Cathy; let's take It to his place so he can take It and come back to our Place.

The Communication

I found the part where it happens. She was actually using one of those tank tops with thin straps, not a shirt, and she only had the "courage" to slide the straps down her arms, regretting right away as soon as she spotted a guy to her left desperately wanting to touch them. 🤦

The Cat's Deep Lick

You have the look of a woman who wants to be my best friend on the Moon.

Não vai te faltar Carinho

Quem sabe da história?

Killer Boobs

So, in 99 I had cable TV in my bedroom and I was there on ICQ and tuned in to HBO watching Bush perform live on Woodstock when a girl in the public, sitting on someone's shoulders, probably her boyfriend, lifted up her shirt and showed her boobs. Obviously, it was for Gavin, but if none of them in the band was able to see clearly from the stage as we saw on TV, they have to thank God, because she could have broken their concentration, stealing the show. I mean, she knew she had two beautiful melons there LOL. But if I were her boyfriend, I would have had a serious conversation with her, about if she wanted the "love" and "peace" Jesus or the real One.

Missing Out On What?!

That's right, fuck the nerdy system.

The alignment ends tonight.

Ice Cream?

What if I told you I haven't watched Lethal Weapon 2 in recent times and had no memory of that line until yesterday?

Come blaze in my Trailer.

sábado, 13 de abril de 2024

Dressed In Diamond

I'm happy with my lot on the Shore.

Can I convince you to kick his ass and come live with me?

Keep Territory

I see a deer who lacks no Subject... 😓⛏️1️💊🔎🔭🌝🐶💎💛🧰🦺👩‍🌾😇4️➕🐑🚓🚢🍦👽🚨🖋️⚽📰🏖️🍇✝️🏋️‍♀️👩‍🏫🪔🛌🛞👩‍💻👩‍🎓🔘🚜🤖🧒❄️🍷🕵️‍♀️🐝🥼👩‍🔬🏹💸👑🥋💪🦁🎖️🎙️🦅⚖️🚵‍♀️⛲📴🔝🗿🌟👏

Be Wise And Get Them Out Of The Mess

"But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it."

Like no other part of the female body, breasts draw attention of males. But when they're only babes, they tend to ignore the most important Thing that makes her a woman: the Heart in the chest.

Don't be a "friend" and don't make her feel "comfortable" within the system.

Be a man; if she is only a lost lady there who needs to be saved, she'll listen to you.

You Deserve To Know

Join me in my Out of this world imagination, partner.

Another "Hot" Day In The City

Sweat pouring down my face

(Absolutely no lyrics website has the correct word, which is 'hot'; it's in the CD booklet. The funny thing is that the wrong one makes your mind link it with Phil Collins' song when you have a good imagination... the streets that scream with "desire" are also cold. No one really cares about no one, they're all about selfish "satisfaction")

A Pretty Word Is Hard To Find

You know, there is a girl out there who is insecure. She posts pictures of herself and then she removes them; sometimes she brings them back and deletes again. I think she is really good looking, and her voice is one of the most gorgeous I have ever heard. Even if you don't follow her, by now you probably already know who I'm talking about. The words of her fans seem to be not enough, and indeed they're not. Because no matter how talented and good looking you are, what you can experience in this world will never compare to the connection with Truth and who you really are. So, I see a sign of election in her behavior. That's why I watch over her closely and really care about her.

On this Road I'm a signs follower... only them are able to change positions in my heart and set my number one among the ones, never the comparison the Godless world makes. I'm used to plot twists, I've seen it happening a couple times. Because His will depends on two people feeling inspired by the same Thing to be done. And if I look upon other weird coincidences as the work of Chance, what He was trying to do might have failed some other times. It's no secret theologically my signs first represent my relationship with the Teacher; it's Miyagi and then Ali. So, the real tragedy is to end up alone, not "alone". The biggest mistake one can commit is to believe someone else can nourish his or her soul without the Word.

Stay safe.

sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2024

Don't "Change" To Please Them

What's your reaction to a happy fool trying to "communicate" with you? Do you show no "fear" and confront, or do you try to be a "friend"? Almost two years ago I read "things" that definitely bothered me, and I decided I wouldn't stay quiet. Because letting the Word out is liberating; by doing that, if you don't make a friend, you're only going to lose a "friend" that would always be there for you to turn you off, to "help" you transition from Light to darkness so that there could be "communion" between you. For putting that brave disposition into practice, God honored me with an open door to go deeper Out of the system and deeper Into the Kingdom.

I admit it wasn't easy, it was one of those situations in my adventure where my mind gets at the edge and, for a moment, I "regret" what I did and think it was best if I had stayed put, not trying to discover any dark secret. I spent one month depressed after knowing many disturbing negative facts connected to those "things" that bothered me, that were being kept hidden from me for ages. But as soon as I recover and see more clearly that the pain was never real, I hear the voice of my strenghtened true self in my head saying, "I would have done it all again". It happens every Time, so I've learned to focus not on it, since I already know the Future.

By the Way, if you followed my instructions choosing the Marina Freeway, you may have seen where you have to inevitably cruise. But you've got no "reason" to worry, given that his "power" doesn't affect the Thing.

We're Coming Out

Come on In, show your face. 🚪😎

The Audition

Let the Ultraboss see if you fit Out. 🥼🦅

The Takeoff

You see, queen? What if you were predestined to be in the King, to do it all for His glory? Although 4 years earlier I was already calling, how would I save you without me myself answering the Call?

Can you avoid me and my tricks?

Let me draw you close to me. 🦆🦆

quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2024

Não Sai Da Toca

"Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples."

What does Thompson offer that compares?

Now Ye Are Clean

Through this Great Beauty.

There's the Answer.

I've Gone Out

Oh, my God, I'm already infected.

There is Something inside me now.

Burning Heart

The world is getting so bizarre... There is a chance that at first the idea on his mind might have been to test her appetite for "luxury", and he himself got confused with the direction the conversation was taking, not knowing what she was talking about. I mean, who would expect someone, in the first minute of a first date, skipping the first place they were planning to go to know each other and allowing herself to talk about the second place a man and a woman go to know each other? And with four other guys whom she has already "known" before?

The normalization of promiscuous intimacy is scary. People are treating intercourse like a videogame; someone invites you to his or her house, and you go there and play. Obviously, they believe they are improving skills by doing that. However, when you are on the enemy's side, he's the only teacher you'll ever find there, and the devil only knows about "sex", the perversion of the real thing. As they think they are knowing any new thing, they're actually only going deeper down the hole, getting closer to hell and knowing the "feeling" typical of demons.

If you don't seek the Just daily, your heart will soon be burning with the strange fire of iniquity. Because no one stays sitting on the fence for long, without deciding upon Greatness. And "fear" will only keep you on the same side where every Godless individual is having "fun", that is, "religion" and repression only help to make the temptation stronger, never you. It's like struggling to disobey the devil without fighting to get Out of his control; he always wins. Only a career in the Company can save you from being a part of this Heartless world.

Do you want ONE guy?

Let's be a threesome.

It's Do Or Die

I do it everyday, so you could never keep me from knowing your dirty secrets.

You could never be my best partner in the Company, my Beth.

Some Sort Of Test

That is the kind of weakness you will find in people who follow "friends", who think it's cool, when asked by them, to answer how many thousands have you already slept with. The malignant system out there links promiscuity with sexuality, and there's no unambitious fool who doesn't buy its lie. The guy probably knew beforehand she kept that secret in her phone, because he knew he was talking to someone who only wanted to know if he had a fancy car to go out with him. And it's always time for them to try some "thing" new, except to look for some Truth.

There is a whole world of limited "women" out there, who happily stay within its boundaries. So David could never accept their offer, because he knew it was not only about replacing Elise for another, but swapping Justice for Lawlessness, Righteousness for wickedness in the first place. You know what I mean... the "sea of deep blue".

Here is a little extended video, showing when she goes back to "innocence". After the embarrassment, was she convinced to go get Her and really clean her mind and heart?

quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2024

Focus Power

Appearance is not enough; your heart must truly know Kindness. 👦🚵

Rise To The Top

Aim higher. ✡️

This is no place to build your home 🧞


"Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?"

Real rocks know no "fear". 🧊🔨

και κύκλωσε μου εκείνο που θα ζήσουμε εμείς 🌄🏡

Vida Dentro

Uma Árvore para você e Uma para mim.

Tank Top

ξέρεις, καρδούλες, λεξούλες, βελάκια
κι άμα έπιανε βροχή και μας τα χάλαγε
ο ένας του άλλουνου τα χέρια
πιο σφιχτά θα κράταγε

Quem sabe da história, sabe...

Tô armado de Verdade há muito Tempo.

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2024

Only Just Beginning

Do you remember where were you on 9 July 2006, and doing what?



All it takes to become a traitor is to take not the One Thing with all your mind, all your heart. Because if you can't really believe the Truth is enough, you'll keep seeking the "things" the world has to offer.

Show To Me The Choice I Should Make

The gnome returned there to pray.

Once you make that choice, you can't just wake up one day and make the other one; there is really no turning back, I mean, if you are good ground and born for Faithfulness.

You Don't Know What You Gotta Do

To be a part of the Love Generation? 🦁🐻😇🙏

Charge Yourselves, O Ye Daughters

Do you think SO? You can drive all the way through the Marina Freeway. Or coming from The Meadow you can just take the Green Valley and drive up until you reach the Fox Hills.

Here's a serious fun fact: at the mall, in February, passing by a store called Authentic Feet, I've seen some sneakers which soon after I got home appeared on a video shared by a girl to her Instagram story. Do you know who I'm talking about? This one is easy.

You're In My Domain

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;"

You were born again to love LEO. 🔗


My imagination would be 100 years late without you. 💛

To Be Quentes

Os secos precisam ser molhados. 💧

Working For Real Change

How do I interpret All this? It's like I've received a Treasure Chest and the Key in me, and inside It there are infinite treasure chests to be unlocked. So I dedicate all my Time to open them, because what I find is much more interesting than any "thing" out there.

You know the only Music I hear in the Room... 😘👩‍🚀👨‍🚀🪚🌲🦌📅

segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2024

If You're Mad, Get Mad

Let's leave the "party" to get Her to just remember we hate the loneliness.

Let's be the perfect pretenders; just you, our Blazer and I.

In The Most High

I saw a Dodge RAM 2500 in person for the first time yesterday, parked one block down my street. An impressive car, but still nothing compared to the only Means of Transportation.

Now that my Secret has been revealed, am I going to have competitors? I could stay parked for two decades, and someone as bold and crazy persistent as me taking off now probably would still need all this Time to overtake me.

Of Course, there is Water for the thirsty.

The Answer is Up there.